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SARR Freights is a Total Logistics Solutions Provider, perfectly positioned to manage projects of every size and scope by combining the power of new technologies, technical expertise and unprecedented experience.


Driven by our mantra of ‘Simplifying Logistics’, we offer a comprehensive list of freight forwarding & freight management services under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.


  • SARR Freights is a One-Stop Shop logistics solution provider. With a wide range of services including consulting, freight forwarding, freight management & documentation services, we are able to provide an efficient Complete and Integrated Solution to our esteemed clientele. We handle projects on a Turnkey basis, providing Door-to-Door Delivery of cargo, thus providing our clients with a Hassle-Free experience.

  • Our clients have the unique opportunity to benefit from the Over Three Decades of Unprecedented Experience that SARR Freights has accumulated. We work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their needs. Together with our experience, this understanding helps us provide the Perfect Customised Solution for each client, with a focus on both Efficiency & Effectiveness.

  • An industry Pioneer, we believe in leading by example. SARR Freights has a rich history of treading in unchartered waters, pushing the boundaries and Turning Challenges into Opportunities. We have successfully executed projects that have opened up new routes & methods for the industry,
    with a strong belief that Innovation is a pre-requisite to lead.

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