SARR Freights pioneers new transportation route & sets stage for continued growth

SARR Freights was awarded a consignment by the Food Corporation of India (FCI) for the transportation of Raw Rice stocks from Vizag to Agartala in Tripura. This pilot project opened up a new Multimodal Transportation Route that includes sea, river and land transportation across India and Bangladesh. This route allows for easier, faster and regular transport of food grain to the North-Eastern regions facing shortages. SARR Freights was able to successfully execute the project, which reduced the transit distance by 80%, increased freight turnover by 25% and decreased costs by 20% to 50% (based on cargo).

“SARR Freights has been the first company to take up this crucial and challenging task of Ocean, River and Land transportation, providing complete logistics solutions for its clients. We are extremely proud to be a part of such an exciting and crucial venture. The successful delivery of this consignment marks an opportunity that is crucial for the development of North East India. I express my gratitude to the Food Corporation of India for allowing us to be a part of a project that contributes to India’s development. This initiative is a step forward in improving relationships with Bangladesh, whilst overcoming problems of shortages in food grains in the North East region” according to Mr. Sunil Kapoor, Managing Director, SARR Freights. According to Anushka Kapoor, Director, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, SARR Freights, “This project has revealed the immense opportunities for growth within the logistics industry in India. Constant innovation using new routes and technologies will create significant cost savings for companies in primary industries, ultimately facilitating economic growth. We are currently conducting extensive analysis to identify the advantages & disadvantages of using this route to service the steel industry and other heavy industries. We anticipate that there will be significant economic development within the North-Eastern Indian states and are well positioned to provide efficient solutions to our clients using this novel route.”

SARR Freights’ undertaking of this innovative and unprecedented project is not surprising, as the company frequently takes on difficult and unconventional domestic and international projects. The company has unparalleled expertise and experience in difficult regions including states of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the North-Eastern states.